Water Well Maintenance...

 Few people argue that preventive maintenance is unwise. The problem is that few people follow through on their own common sense when it comes to preventive maintenance for their water well system. What makes this doubly important for well owners is that you’re consuming what comes out of that well. So, it’s a matter of health as well as convenience and cost. 

 There can be different reasons for a water well system problem and, consequently, different solutions. For example, over time the amount of water a well yields can decrease. Sometimes that is because the water table is dropping. Other times it can be caused by the plugging of holes in the well casing, mineral encrustation of the well screen or the filling of openings in the geologic formation around the well from which water flows. No one solution addresses all of these problems.  

 At Hennings Bros., Drilling Company, Inc., we are happy to talk to you about your water well needs.  Feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Well Abandonment / Destruction...

 If you live in an area where people use water wells, there may be an old, unused well on your property. There are millions of them nationwide. Abandoned wells should be properly sealed by a qualified water well systems contractor for several reasons.  Contact us today with your questions. 



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